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iOS and iPadOS Apps for Viewing Family Data?

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    iOS and iPadOS Apps for Viewing Family Data?

    I'm looking for free or low-cost apps that run on iOS and iPadOS that will allow other family members to view my data.

    I realize you are already thinking Reunion Touch, but I'm not talking about giving people the ability to add/edit information. I just want them to be able to read/see the family data.

    For example, Heredis has a free app that can view a GEDCOM file. I occasionally update a GEDCOM and share it with interested family members.

    Can anyone recommend a similar Viewer?

    Researching Western NC and Northeast GA and any family connected to Caney Fork in Jackson County, NC

    Why go through all that? Do a web project. Either post it on-line (and give them the URL) or email a copy. They can open said file with any browser regardless of which device or operating system they happen to be using.
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