The purpose of ReunionTalk is to talk about Reunion — to encourage discussion of Reunion for Macintosh and ReunionTouch for iPhone/iPad through an online community. We welcome dialog from new and veteran Reunion users. Everybody should be able to learn and share using ReunionTalk.

This is not a "bug report" forum or a "tech-support" forum. If you want to report a problem or need help with a particular issue, send an email to the help address.

ReunionTalk is comprised of "forums." Forums are comprised of "threads." Threads are comprised of messages from ReunionTalk members and from our staff.


ReunionTalk registration is required if you plan to post messages or reply to existing threads. Registration is free. Registration requires a valid email address. To register, click the Register button near the top of any screen in ReunionTalk.

User Names

Anonymity is not permitted on ReunionTalk. We strongly recommend using your real name as your user name (when you register) or including your real name in your signature.


To ensure that ReunionTalk stays focused on Reunion/ReunionTouch and remains interesting to most subscribers, we monitor the discussion. In some cases, this may result in a little "clean up" editing. For example, if a message contains a needlessly long quotation, we may trim it. Sometimes we may correct message titles or remove long signatures, etc. Here's how you can contribute to the cleanliness:

Removing and Moderating Messages or Threads

We monitor ReunionTalk to keep it relevant and interesting to most members and focused on Reunion/ReunionTouch. As we monitor the discussions, we may find it necessary to remove a message or a thread that we deem inappropriate. When this happens, we do not reply privately (or publicly). Any of the following circumstances may result in a message/thread being removed:

  1. if we feel that the message isn't of interest or relevance to most members. For example, if the message is regarding an esoteric technical issue that simply doesn't apply to the vast majority of users, we will remove the message and respond privately. ReunionTalk is not a place to report bugs. Send an email to the help address instead.
  2. if a message or thread relates to an issue that is being handled via direct communication with support personnel. If you have a question or problem, and you send an email to our tech support staff and also create a new ReunionTalk thread or post a message concerning the same question/problem, we may remove such messages or threads. This type of activity creates multiple problems: first, if we are working with you privately, then people who read public ReunionTalk messages will not see the whole picture. Second, it's inefficient for us to handle a problem both privately and in a public forum.
  3. if a message inquires or initiates discussion about support issues for other software or hardware. If you have technical questions about other software or hardware (such as iCloud, Safari, Microsoft Word, your printer, scanner, etc.), you should contact the developers or support forums of that product directly.
  4. if a message contains overly negative comments about other ReunionTalk members, Reunion, ReunionTouch, or Leister Productions. Constructive criticism is welcome; sarcasm, cynicism, and insults are not. Nor are drive-by barbs from "experts" in programming, database design, marketing, web development, etc. If you're having a bad day, don't vent on ReunionTalk. Remember that ReunionTalk is not an "anything-goes" social media space (ala Twitter, Facebook, and other public forums) where nasty comments seem to be the norm.
  5. if a message contains misleading statements or false suppositions and we decide it's more efficient to simply remove the message. For example, if somebody thinks they've found a problem and they're convinced they need to alert the entire ReunionTalk community about the "problem," they shouldn't be surprised if the message is removed. That's because our staff will determine if and when Reunion users need to be notified about any particular issue on ReunionTalk.
  6. if a message is overtly provocative or its purpose is simply to "troll" or trigger unwelcome debate and argument. Battles like Mac vs Windows, LDS vs. Jewish genealogy, or tirades where users decide to treat the forum like a public boxing ring are unwelcome.
  7. if a message is merely a "me too" post — for example, if someone makes a feature request and another person posts "hear hear!" or "I'd like that feature too!" with no additional input, elaboration, or clarification.
  8. if a message is a question that has already been answered many times on ReunionTalk, and the poster didn't take the time to look for the answer before posting. I.e., before asking a common question such as "Is it easy to publish my family tree on the web" or "does Reunion import GEDCOM files," you should...
    1. read the FAQ for people who haven't yet purchased Reunion
    2. read the FAQ for people who already own Reunion
    3. click the Search button in ReunionTalk and look for the answer
    4. click the Manual button in Reunion and look for the answer in the Reunion manual.
  9. if a message contains contains profane or insensitive language/tone.
  10. if the purpose of a message is to sell or auction something.
  11. if a message is a cross-posting (posted in more than one forum or thread).
  12. if the purpose of a message is to inquire or initiate discussion about Windows genealogical software.
  13. if a message has an embedded image link, where the image size is very large.
  14. if any part of another private e-mail is quoted without the author's permission.
  15. if a message contains a surname inquiry or research requests. (There are other places on the web to do research.)


ReunionTalk is a free service that we established for the benefit of our users. We provide the server and the staff to monitor forums. The purpose of ReunionTalk is to talk about Reunion and ReunionTouch. It's a place to share your advice, experiences, questions, and solutions with other users.