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1950 US Federal Census

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    1950 US Federal Census

    Does anyone know how to FIND all people who were alive on 1 Apr 1950 and, if possible, where they lived on that date. AND/OR, what censuses they are listed in. Anyway, want to generate a list of people so I can, hopefully, find what ED they were in or might be in, so can start searching right away on 1 Apr 2022! My name is going to be interesting because, on 8 Apr 1950 I was on a ship going from the Panama Canal Zone to San Diego. Think we were in temp quarters in Balboa on 1 Apr 1950, waiting for the ship. Should be interesting!
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    I think::: Find > Advanced Find > Living As Of then Condition combination would be Living Date ... is....1950. It worked on my file as best I can tell. I eyeballed the first 70 or 80 hits and all were alive in 1950. It was 1104 people out of my 3272 people.
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