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Cropping photos not working

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    Cropping photos not working

    I just noticed that for a couple people in one family, the preferred photo shows the entire family. Another member of the family, from the same photo, shows fine with just his face. When I tried to crop the photo for the other two members of the same family picture, they show the new crop selection just fine, but when I hit the "apply" button, it reverts to the entire photo. Is this a bug from the migration to a 64-bit application? BTW - it is a Tiff image (but one member of the family remains cropped from the photo).
    Dave Wells
    MacBook Air, OS X 10.15.6, Reunion 12.0
    iOS 14.0, ReunionTouch 1.0.16 - iPhone 6s

    Is the family photo in all three parts of the multi-media display (husband, wife, family)? If not in the husband or wife parts, a copy of the family photo needs to go in those parts then be "cropped". BTW, in Reunion, it is not true cropping. It is masking, e.g. one is selecting a portion and the rest of the photo is masked.
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      Hi Dave,

      You may need to force Reunion to rebuild thumbnails via:

      Reunion -> Preferences... , Multimedia, Rebuild Thumbnails...

      Click Proceed in the drop-down that opens after clicking Rebuild Thumbnails...

      It may be that the thumbnail isn't getting properly replaced with the cropped version for some reason. Forcing Reunion to rebuild all thumbnails may correct the issue.

      Mark Harrison
      Leister Productions, Inc.