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Documenting the parent-child relationship

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    Documenting the parent-child relationship

    This may be an obvious and stupid question, but I can't see an easy place in Reunion to source/cite the relationship that exists between a parent and child or the nature of the relationship. When I add a child in the marriage field, I can't source the relationship. If I set a child status, I can't source that specifically, either. I could probably use the memo field of the child's birth event to add detail (e.g., "birth certificate lists Jane as mother, Dick as father"). Or I could create a general note or general citation. This seems like a basic thing to not be able to cite. Thoughts?
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    Those work - you could also attach it to your citation using the free-form text field if you're not using it for anything else.
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      Don't enter via the marriage field, but, type nmc or nfc and their name, return and they will pop up below the couple, then, if you don't already have a general source picked, go to the information of the child's card and enter source(s) there.
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        I've created a number of general sources, for example "parent's obit", "child's obit", (and others relating to grandparents' and -childrens', and great-grandparents and -children's birth and marriage records).

        If a parent's obit confirms a child, I add the "parent's obit" source to the child's Name page, adding a citation like "father's; names son Jacob Henry". (Repeat for each named child and grandchildren.)

        Or, if a child's birth record names the parents, I add the "child's birth" source to each parent's Name page, with a citation like "son Jacob's names father John Henry"; and a similar one in the mother's Name field.

        It seems to be a tedious work-around vs. a more direct capability, but anything more direct would still demand a source citation, wouldn't it?
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