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Chart Box Color based on Sex?

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    Chart Box Color based on Sex?

    Hello, and excuse me if this is common knowledge, but I'm not finding the setting.

    While I collaborate others on family tree data, including whether or not certain people are male/female, it would be helpful if I could replace the pretty generation-based color scheme with colors that indicate simply whether a person is male/female/unknown.

    Is that possible?

    It might require putting the spouses adjacent to each other so they have their own boxes?

    Thanks in advance,

    Dave Kitabjian

    As you may know, the Tree View does what you're asking for automatically, and you can share the view by saving as a PDF.

    If you need the larger scope of a chart, you can get most of what you're asking for with a little manual editing. Just create/open the chart, choose Edit>Find Anything in Boxes>Primary Person Sex>Is>[male/female/unknown], and click the Select button. Once the boxes are selected, you can change them to a color of your choice. As a point of interest, you can select on pretty much any criterion by using the Find Anything In Boxes>Primary Person Marked option, and marking the people you want to select in the Family File.

    To put descendants' spouses in separate boxes would be something to post in the Wish List forum.
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    Tim Lundin
    Heartland Family Graphics


      Thanks! This had some helpful tips/reminders.

      Yes, a key difference is that the one puts spouses in their own boxes.

      Maybe there are two wishlist items for me to submit here.

      Thanks again!
      Dave Kitabjian