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Father and son's names greyed out alternately.

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    Father and son's names greyed out alternately.

    I've just added a husband and a son to a person already in my ancestry. When viewing the couple in family view, the son's name is greyed out and if I click on the son to view him, his father's name is greyed out.

    The mother's name stays the same. Has anyone seen this before? I've tried searching the help document, but can't find anything. I perhaps am using the wrong search terms, but can't think what else to try.

    The screen shot below shows the son's name greyed out. Any ideas what is happening and what I can do about it?

    EDITED TO ADD: I have just realised this is happening with other people in my tree, but I just hadn't noticed it before. Just wondering what it means please. Thanks.

    greyed out.png
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    This is a visual clue. The gray text signifies that the child doesn't have children linked in the family file; or the parent doesn't have parents linked in the family file. The color (or shade of gray) can be modified in: Preferences > Family View > Children and Preferences > Family View > Parents. In both cases, you see a button to change the color, if you want to ("Children without children" and "Parents without parents").
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      Fantastic! Thank you so much. Once I realised it was applicable to many more of my ancestors I knew it would be something useful like this, I just couldn't find what it was.
      Much appreciated Schedule
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