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Reunion 10 is available now!

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    Re: Reunion 10 is available now!

    Originally posted by AlainFarhi View Post
    My database is 130,000 names and 128 MB heavy. Under R9, it was 94 MB.
    One thing to note is that R10 uses a "Package" instead of just a single file used by R9 -- this package includes thumbnails generated for pictures, which may be part of the reason for the increase in file size.
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      Re: Reunion 10 is available now!

      Originally posted by bobsc View Post
      I really want this new version, but unfortunately my wife's computer is stuck at 10.4.11. (She absolutely must be able to run programs from the original 68K-based Mac. Required for her Pfaff embroidery machine.)

      I assume that the file format has changed so that if I upgraded the family file to Reunion version 10, she would not be able to open it in her Reunion version 9. And she does most of the updating these days.
      Isn't all the Pfaff embroidery software in Windows? In the embroidery arena, at least 95% of the software is Windows. Having a wife who has several embroidery machines, I have acquired some familiarity with this area. And I have helped several ladies who run various brands of said software on their Macs -- in all cases using a Windows emulator such as Parallels or VMWare. Possibly I can give some advise; contact me as sactobob at gmail dot com. (Because it's not exactly a genealogy subject.)
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