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Reunion <--> RootsMagic <--> Ancestry workflow

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    Reunion <--> RootsMagic <--> Ancestry workflow

    Noob question: Has anyone here either personally created, or come across somewhere, any kind of workflow for getting and then keeping a Reunion FF in relative "sync" with an Ancestry tree via RootsMagic? Preferably for those of us in the noob-intermediate skill range. I've found plenty of snippets here and elsewhere about isolated bits of the process. But with so many gaps in my understanding, and so many pitfalls for the unwary (or even wary), I'd really love to get a "do this, then do that, then ..." kind of workflow. Speaking as one who's never really done this before and is still recovering from a gedcom-only match 'n merge years ago.

    If someone wants to turn this thread into a kind of wiki on the subject, that would work for me (and maybe others?).

    Maybe I'll start with a more specific noob question from where I'm currently stuck. So I've downloaded the data from one of my Ancestry trees to a clean RM database. Which if I understand correctly, means I have a starting db file that's in sync with Ancestry. What I wanted to do then was start on merging into that content from a second RM db created from a Reunion gedcom export. It seemed to be going ok for a while with RM's 'Compare' tool. But then I started finding people records in the Ancestry-RM file I was darned sure I'd already edited. From a bit of investigating it seems I have hundreds of duplicate (or triplicate, or worse) people in there.

    Can someone help me out here? Is it likely I do indeed have dupes in my imported Ancestry database? Are there ways to avoid this in future? What do I need to do now? Auto-merge? Manual-merge? De-dupe? One or more of those? In what order? How-to tips for any? Thanks.
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