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    Photo Management Software

    So I have all my photos in a system that works for me in folders on dropbox that are attached to my individuals in reunion. I know backing them up in something else is a little redundent being they are originally on dropbox. However, I would like to also have them in a photo management software. My personal and immediate family photos are currently in google photos. That generally works fine, but I hate that I can't manually add faces to tag individuals. If Google doesn't recognize a face there, I can only put the name in a description, and defeats the purpose of just clicking on aunt mary's face and seeing ANY photos that she is in.

    I like them in google photos cause I can access them from any device and they are also backed up there, easily sorted into events, etc. But I just don't know what it's such a hard thing for goggle to allow me to draw a box where one should be when google doesn't recognize it and name the person.

    Does Photo allow this (I haven't used it in many years and versions)? Do you use google, Photo, something else to manage things in this way?

    MacBook Pro (mid 2012), 2.7 GHz, 1TB SATA, 8GB
    Catalina v. 10.15.7