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Does your Reunion database have Class?

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    Does your Reunion database have Class?

    I mean this literally.

    If Yes, *and* you use FTM 2019 to upload a Reunion database into, you're in trouble for the time being:

    Presently, the innocent five-letter word class, if present anywhere in a Family Tree Maker database, will cause the tree to not upload into Ancestry. (Instead, an error log generates.)

    The absurd workaround, for the time being anyway, is to force-create a typo by changing that word tosomething else via the Find-and-Replace feature in FTM.

    This problem dates to at least 6-April, the cause being changes made by software engineers at

    I was banging my head against the wall trying to figure this out on my own, then finally was unsuccessful with support technicians at both Ancestry and FTM to try and rectify this issue.

    Alas, though, an FTM user posted to a Facebook group about this problem. Pasting here what the support tech told them, via a chat session, referring to "class." (class with a period at the end): "The word+dot combination is often found in code, and it looks like there's been recent policy changes with Ancestry to try and combat some malicious attacks. We'll discuss this issue with them. . ."

    Some users were successful changing "class." (with the period) to just class without period at the end. I just added an "a" to that word, making a typo, and my tree immediately uploaded--after being dead in the water for days.

    So ridiculous, but there you have it.


    Good job, Ryan, tracking this down. I am sure there are less diligent people out there banging their head against the wall and giving up. This may yet give them some hope to upload their data.