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reunion gedcom export to webtrees gedcom import

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    reunion gedcom export to webtrees gedcom import

    I want to put (part of) my Reunion family tree onto the open source WebTrees sql database system. WebTrees imports from a GEDCOM file (supposedly accepting the UTF 8.0 character set), but the import in Webtrees fails with the error message: "Error: converting GEDCOM files from UTF-8 0 ..(data records). encoding to UTF-8 encoding not currently supported.". I have no clue as to why this GEDCOM transfer doesn't work. I'm aware that GEDCOM is not a perfect standard, as it shows, but I hope I can get some suggestions from this user forum to give me advice on what I should/could change to my GEDCOM export settings, so that I get more of a "standard" GEDCOM export file that I can import in Webtrees.

    Hi Luc,

    This sounds like an issue on WebTrees side of things, meaning their support team would be in the best position to determine what's wrong.

    As far as settings you can try in Reunion, the first thing I'd check is the GEDCOM character set option - make sure that's set to UTF-8. If it is, then WebTrees shouldn't be doing any converting/encoding that's it's already in that format. You could try some of the other options to see if one of the other character sets (e.g. Unicode, Windows works.

    Mark Harrison
    Leister Productions, Inc.