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Adding Ancestry sources to GEDCOMs with URLs for Reunion Web Project pages

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    Adding Ancestry sources to GEDCOMs with URLs for Reunion Web Project pages

    There is a thread from 2018-2019:

    Uploading GED file to other websites (or not!)

    where Reunion users describe how they upload GEDCOMs to Ancestry.

    Reunion is the primary way I manage my genealogy information. I do use Ancestry, but primarily for AncestryDNA matching, so I occasionally generate a GEDCOM from Reunion and upload the GEDCOM to Ancestry similar to what other Reunion users are doing.

    However, I now post-process the GEDCOM generated by Reunion before I upload the GEDCOM to Ancestry. The post-processing adds an additional source for each individual with a URL which points to that individual's page in my Web Project generated by Reunion.

    For example, here is the additional source the post-processing adds to the GEDCOM that shows up under Other Sources in Ancestry for my grandfather:

    Source Information
    Title - references, notes, images

    The link is not clickable in Ancestry, but this at least gives a user of my tree in Ancestry a fairly straightforward way to navigate to the correct page in my Reunion-generated Web Project where I have all my multimedia, references, and notes.

    I accomplish this with a Python 3 script:

    If you have Python 3 on your macOS system, you can just run the script from Terminal. However, if you don't use Terminal, or if you have little or no familiarity with Python, I have set up the script in a web browser with instructions that I hope are sufficient for Reunion users who don't have familiarity with Python. You will need to create a free account to use the script in a browser.

    I have been using this script for several months, but I have not had any other Reunion users try it out, so consider this an Alpha test of the script (version 20200126). If anybody is interested in using this script, I am more than happy to answer questions if you just enter a reply to this thread in this forum. I welcome any feedback (questions, problems, suggestions, whatever).

    Don Braffitt
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