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    You may be overthinking this... The left side allows one to choose which kinds of media to see. The right side displays specific data for whichever item that has be selected in the collection. All media is in the large middle portion. Thus, I'm thinking that you might not have the real left panel displayed. It's a column with two tabs at the top for Collection and Detail.
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      You are correct. I was starting out looking for "media" about "people" by clicking the "people" button at the top of my screen, then searching for a person under the tree tab, and then finding that person's media as I described. However, if I start out looking for "media" by clicking the "media" button at the top of my screen, I find, as you say, a "person" (or whatever) on the left, seeing the media in the middle, and the data on the right. Voila! Thank you!

      And thank you for your excellent suggestion of using Family Tree Maker basically as a ready-made media filing system (when linked to Ancestry). I've been ignoring FTM as my main genealogy program because I was not satisfied with the way I was able to represent same-sex couples with children under FTM, but the idea of using it as a data repository is brilliant. I am now looking at if for that role only. And I've given up waiting for the RootsMagic 8 native Mac program, have received help from Reunion support on how to represent same-sex couples with biological children, and have decided to go "all-in" in Reunion 13 as my main genealogy program (why wait for a brand-new native Mac program when you already own a genealogy program that has been Mac all of its life?) The sticking point in my selecting a program was always the same-sex couple issue, and Reunion resolves that issue.
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