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Reunion to Ancestry via FTM

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    Reunion to Ancestry via FTM

    I've noticed some people utilize FTM because of it's interface with Ancestry, and I am wondering if anyone has experience using it to get Reunion trees into Ancestry.

    Basically, I'm wondering if I can export a GEDCOM with multimedia links and when I import it to FTM then on to Ancestry if my images will go along with it.

    I don't have any particular interest in Ancestry, but I figure I should have a method to get my tree online so it's preserved in the "Len gets hit by a bus" scenario. Other family members really haven't picked up the torch in moving the tree along to future generations.

    Yes, I have done this - it worked as you expect it will.

    Roger Moffat


      As for backing up my trees on a publicly accessible site, I've long used Rootsweb. Ancestry took it over, so it's now, but it's still completely free to access. For an excruciatingly extended period one couldn't upload and overwrite trees, while Ancestry worked on updating the site. That has happened now. Rootsweb's trees, called World Connect, don't have the capability to show images. I think I may see if I can put them in Google photos with links in my trees to get to those. I like that folks don't have to have an Ancestry account, and I wouldn't either, though I do, to access the trees. Somehow, in the past at least, folks have found my trees and I've gained some good collaborators that way.
      When I create a new GEDCOM for uploading to Rootsweb, Reunion has offered the option of formatting for, which I have done.

      Susan in Urbana, IL