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Sending Reunion media to someone who uses Family Tree Maker

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    Sending Reunion media to someone who uses Family Tree Maker

    I want to share a large part of my Family File and associated media with a cousin in another state who uses FTM and not Reunion. I've already exported a GEDCOM, sent it to him and he has successfully imported it into his FTM program. What's the best way to send him copies of my linked media files? I currently have 1571 files in my Reunion media folder. These are files linked to people's multimedia and also media attached to sources for various events. The files are too large to email or even zip. My Reunion media folder is in my Dropbox, so could I just send him a link to that folder so he could download the files he wants into FTM? Where should he put the media files on his PC so FTM can link back to them easily?

    Here's a quick and dirty method... Your Dropbox is mirrored on your own local hard drive. Thus, your media folder is also there.

    The location is Macintosh HD > Users > YourName > Dropbox.

    Find the local media folder and copy it to a portable media like a DVD or a flash drive and send that to your cousin.
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      Have your cousin open his Family Tree Maker and add a single photo to a person, then find out where on his computer that photo got stored.

      I think though that it doesn't matter a whole lot - once he imports the GEDCOM file into Family Tree Maker and has your DropBox folder downloaded to his Documents folder, FTM will ask him where the media files are - he can then point Family Tree Maker to where he put the files and it will then see them - I have done exactly this so that the copy of Family Tree Maker I have is using the same image folders as my Reunion 12 is.

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