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Reunion 12, TNG Web Site Software, and GEDCOM ID

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    Reunion 12, TNG Web Site Software, and GEDCOM ID

    I'm a long-time user of Reunion but a fairly new user of TNG web site software. To set up TNG, I created a GEDCOM from Reunion 12 and exported and imported into TNG. So far, so good. However, I want to use Reunion for off-line editing, updating and new records, and then create a new GEDCOM based on marked records to import into TNG. Every so often, I want to create a new Reunion file by downloading a GEDCOM from TNG containing all files. This will catch files made online in TNG by me and others. HOWEVER, I now find a note about importing/exporting Reunion 9 files on the TNG Wiki site:

    Caution: If you download your TNG GEDCOM and import it into Reunion (perhaps to do some editing on your desktop), there is no option in Reunion to retain the GEDCOM's ID numbers. In fact, Reunion will renumber individuals and families, filling in gaps in the sequence. If you then export your amended GEDCOM from Reunion for import into TNG you will lose media and other links for those people and families who have been re-numbered.

    Is this still true with Reunion 12? Is there a way to export from Reunion back into TNG keeping the GEDCOM IDs from TNG intact?

    Yes it is still true that if you make any changes in TNG that affect the numbering of people - especially merging 2 people into one, creating a "hole", Reunion will renumber at the very least the people that come after the hole.

    I have been running a TNG site now for more than 15 years (well actually I run several) and I still maintain the data in Reunion and almost always publish a complete GEDCOM file to the TNG site when it's time for an update. Occasionally I will make a simple change in TNG and Reunion at the same time if that's faster than making the change in Reunion and publishing a new GEDCOM file, but that is pretty rare.

    Why do you want to every now and then download a GEDCOM file from TNG to import into Reunion?

    Roger Moffat


      I was afraid that was going to be the answer, so I'lll probably just use Reunion for occasional searches and updating and then manually enter the same data in TNG.

      Question: "Why do you want to every now and then download a GEDCOM file from TNG to import into Reunion?"
      Answer: I am not the only person updating info in TNG.

      Thanks for your quick response, tho.


        I have been using Reunion and TNG for many years and running both versions of my main Reunion database on my website. I update them both once a month . I do not allow TNG users to modify the TNG data but just to suggest changes. I make them in Reunion myself.

        I was told by Darrin (TNG's author) that you can get a list of the changes made by others (similar to what has been changed since the last upload) but you need to duplicate them in your reunion file before uploading your file to TNG again. If the user delete a record, you will never know.


        Alain Farhi