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    hi all - Just wondering if anyone has discovered a widget for reuniontouch. I haven't found it.

    Hi Robin,

    There is no iOS Widget for ReunionTouch.

    That being said, please feel free to make a post in the Wish List forum with suggestions on what you'd like to see in such a widget, should we decide to make one.
    Mark Harrison
    Leister Productions, Inc.


      Is this so you can make launching it quicker? If so, three options beside the possibility of a widget.

      One is to move the icon for Touch to your first page of icons on your iPhone or iPad.

      Second option is to use the fast find feature. One finger swiped downward from near the top produces a search box. Start typing r then e then u....etc. Depending on what other apps are in the reu... range, the Touch icon will appear as you tap letters. Tap the icon and Touch launches. (Do not start at the top edge; that would give you the Notification Center.)

      Third: Use Siri... Hey, Siri... Launch ReunionTouch.

      Hope this gives you help.
      Bob White, Mac Nut Since 1985, Reunion Nut Since 1991
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