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Reunion Toch not Syncing both my databases

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    Reunion Toch not Syncing both my databases

    When I open Reunion Touch I'm offered one primary family database. The second database is not appearing. What do I do to get it back in dropbox, synced and listed listed as the second database?

    I have a couple questions for you:

    When you open your Dropbox folder (within a Finder window) on your Mac, does your second database appear in your Dropbox folder?

    Is Dropbox shown as being up-to-date on your Mac?

    If you say yes to both, try this...

    1. Open ReunionTouch.

    **If it opens directly to your one family file, tap the hammer (tool) icon and select Close (or Close This Family File).

    2. Once you are in the Welcome to ReunionTouch screen, tap Download a Family File from Dropbox.

    3. Select your other family file to download into ReunionTouch. (Note: if your family file is stored directly inside of your Dropbox folder — not embedded in a folder — and the screen opens showing the contents of a different folder on Dropbox, scroll to the bottom and tap "Up a Folder." Continue to do that until you are at the top level of your Dropbox folder and you see your other family file.)

    I hope you find this information helpful
    Deb Stuller
    Leister Productions Inc.