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Reunion Touch not updating properly?

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    Reunion Touch not updating properly?

    If I edit a last name on my laptop every is fine on my laptop but my phone seems to partially update. for example I changed a father's last name on my laptop and on my phone his son's last name changed but the father's name does not. It shows green sharing status. Latest Reunion 12 on my laptop, is there a separate update for Reunion Touch? Tried closing Reunion touch and reloading from Dropbox to no avail.

    I'd recommend you try resetting sharing via your Mac. To do that, open the family file and go to:

    File -> Sharing Status...

    And click Reset Sharing...

    Then, wait for Dropbox to sync and open the family file on your iPhone. After a few seconds you should get an Updating... message. Once the file re-opens, see if the problem persists.

    Mark Harrison
    Leister Productions, Inc.