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Missing Immigration Sync

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    Missing Immigration Sync

    iMac + iPad Pro - both updated to most recent Reunion, ReunionTouch, Dropbox
    I have added Emigration and Immigration events in Reunion on the iMac. Emigration syncs but Immigration fails to appear on the iPad. After spending a lot of time checking all settings I am happy that sync is running OK but still no Immigration. Tried adding other events, after the Immigration event, and these sync OK. Removed the recent event updates (on iMac) and readded them but still no Immigration syncing. Is this a bug with other users or am I missing something?
    Update - added an Immigration event on the iPad and this synced back to the iMac, no problem.

    Much Later...
    By deleting Immigration from the iMac, then syncing through to the iPad, adding Immigration back to the iMac and resyncing eventually had an Immigration event with Citation but no citation detail. Checked back through other events and found that their citation details were missing - say roughly 1 in 5 had no citation detail.
    Rather than waste more time went for a clean start - deleted the family file off - iMac, Dropbox and iPad Pro. Added my 1.4GB familyfile back to the iMac, downloaded to the iPad Pro, synced and all was well. Why!!
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    Dave Walton
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