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Setting Up Reunion Touch with MacBook Pro

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    Setting Up Reunion Touch with MacBook Pro

    I have Reunion Touch set up with my iMac. I have recently purchased a MacBook Pro laptop. I have downloaded the Reunion 12 Application on the MacBook. How do I now link Reunion Touch, through Dropbox, with the new Mackbook?

    Did you download and install Dropbox onto your new Mac? If not, you may do so from this web page.

    After downloading and installing Dropbox onto your MacBook Pro, log into your Dropbox account (the same one as on your iMac) and allow Dropbox to sync. Then, open your Finder and go to your Dropbox folder. Finally, double-click on your family file and follow these steps to change the Folder Preferences in Reunion 12 to point to your Dropbox folder...

    1. Choose Reunion -> Preferences.
    2. Click on Folders.
    3. Click on Family Files in the left column.
    4. Click the "Choose Other Folder..." button.
    5. In the window that opens, click on Drobpox in the far left column.
    6. Click Select in the lower right.

    Afterward, quit Reunion 12. The next time you open Reunion 12 on that Mac, it will either open directly to that same family file or it will open pointing to your Dropbox folder where you can see and select your family file.

    Note: when using Reunion 12 on more than one Mac, here are a few suggestions...

    1. Always allow Dropbox to finish syncing before shutting down your Mac.
    2. Always allow Dropbox to finish syncing before opening your family file on your Mac.
    3. Your family file can only be opened on one Mac at a time.

    I hope you find this information helpful in getting things set up on your new Mac
    Deb Stuller
    Leister Productions Inc.


      Hi Deb. Apologies for not getting back to you earlier. I greatly appreciate your prompt and very helpful response. Best wishes.