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    Military Notes

    iMac M1 with MacOS 12.1 and Reunion 13.0 (build 211116)
    When setting up this new iMac I wanted to do a format update on several thousand Source Citations - Detail entries. I exported a ged file, used regular expressions in a text editor and was able to import after a morning's work. Previous experience had shown that some data is lost through the export/import route so I had made backups and was prepared to re-enter Military Notes.

    1. Is it possible to export/import a ged file without losing Military Notes or at least minimise remedial work?

    2. The export/import also sets all preferred image options to on, whatever their previous setting. Editing the ged file image preference to off is overwritten. Any fixes?

    Dave Walton
    Tree - Walton, Haggerston, Chambers, Munro, Haught, Schlager, Scannell...
    iMac 5K, macOS Catalina 10.15.7, Reunion 13