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    A big report with everything


    I would like to have a paper printout of the entire database to take to family gatherings for people to look at and make corrections to etc.

    I would like not just "the descendants of" .. I would like *everything in the database* including photos. It would need an index by lastname, first name unless it was organized that way.

    I don't see a report in the "Reports" tab that looks like it prints out everything - all the ones I see are "Descendants of Jane Smith and John Jones."

    If you have a suggestion for printing out the whole database, please let me know.

    I recommend checking into Reunion's Person Sheet reports or Family Group Sheet reports. (Information about these reports can be found in your manual by search for "person sheet" or "family group sheet." To access the manual, open your family file and choose Help -> Contents.)

    Both types of reports can be sorted in various ways and can include one preferred picture for each person, along with all of the information you have for each person.

    I hope you find this information helpful
    Deb Stuller
    Leister Productions Inc.


      What I do, which has worked well at several reunions, is to bring both regular descendant charts for the walls and several binders of the family group sheets. The charts are nice to look at but don't lend themselves well to the uninitiated making notes about relatives. I find the right group sheet, ask them to write there and please sign your name for two reasons which are to document the source and for contact if I have questions.
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        Awesome ideas, Deb and Bob - thank you.


          I'm a bit late, but I'd like to "second" Bob's suggestion of Family Group Sheets.

          If you print individual sheets, your guests might look at a few individual sheets, but if you have the family groups, you're much more likely to get feedback like:
          * "Grandma Hazel had a child that died young -- you don't have him on this sheet."
          * "Great-uncle John was the youngest child in this family -- there was an older brother named Henry."

          Good luck.
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