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Missing Persons After Upgrade

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    Missing Persons After Upgrade

    After converting my family file from Reunion 12 to 13, there is one less person in my 13 file. Is there any way to find out who is missing?

    Kind of "yes", I think.

    With the People sidebar displayed, start adding a new Person (any type will do). The People sidebar shows the total number of people in your '13 file, presuming all filters are off. In the new Person's window, at the bottom left there should the ID of the Person you are starting to add. Under normal circumstances, this number should be 1 higher than the total number of people in the file. If a person has been deleted, however, that person's number is re-used and so the number will be lower than the total number of people in your file. With this number in hand, you can go back to the '12 file and type that number in the People search bar. That "should" lead to the correct Person. (This only ever works if you have not entered new people in the '13 file)

    Or not. The circumstance under which this can occur is if you have imported a GEDCOM file with a family that has identified children, but although one or more of the parents or children is mentioned as an individual, there is no further entry for this/these individual(s). This confuses Reunion. It will create Person records for these people, but they will not show up in the People sidebar.

    Just a guess.
    Eric Van Beest
    Spring, TX

    Researching: Van Beest, Feijen, Van Herk


      It was a duplicate person!

      After looking at this as Eric suggested, I discovered that the Reunion 12 and 13 files are identical on the Mac. Both have the same number of people, and people have the same ID number in both files (in the sample I looked at). Both files are stored in my Dropbox folder. When I open Reunion Touch on my iPad, that's where I see that my 12 file has one more person in it than my 13 file. Trying to sort this out by person IDs was impossible. However, using the Names & Facts Report in Reunion 13, I was able to audit the file on my iPad and find the duplicated person. As Murphy would dictate, the duplicated person was the "W's" after all the most used names in my files, so it took some time.