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Web Project Reports - Privacy & Sensitivity - Multiple Parameters

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    Web Project Reports - Privacy & Sensitivity - Multiple Parameters

    I'm publishing to my own web server and trying to figure out a way to provide two levels of privacy in the Web Project. I'm already using "Who is private - People with no death date born after 1920" to limit the information on living people to just their "Full Name and (Living)". At the same time, I would like to exclude minor children from the report entirely.

    I tried marking the minors with Sensitive child statuses, but "Sensitivity" only lets me exclude sensitive data, not the children themselves.

    I can Flag the minors, but the Privacy & Sensitivity Preferences won't let me Omit them without also omitting all of their parents. (Those born between 1920 and 2002 with no death date for whom I only want to show a name.)

    I could create a Marked set of the minor children, but the limitation in Preferences is the same as for the Flag. In the Web Project screen, I'm not sure how I would create a report containing only Unmarked people. Is it possible to invert the selection, so that I could select the marked children and then reverse the selection to include everyone except them?

    Marking all of the adults would be tedious as I'm working regularly with the file right now and I'd constantly have to update the marked set. I'm also re-exporting fairly frequently as I'm working remotely with someone who needs to see the updates on the web as they're added.

    Am I missing something? Or does anyone have a creative solution that will allow me to keep the kids in my file, but off of the Internet? Thank you so much.

    Linda, I made a request to address this in a previous wish list item. It didn't get much response so it probably was low priority for the development team. They only have so much time to add in the items that more people request. (Squeakiest wheel gets the grease.)

    I envisioned a system that sort of looks like the Find function, but is for privacy. You set a trigger (like a particular Flag), then designate the result that you want. You could set any number of these Trigger/Result events that you want. They are then acted on when web cards are made.

    Updating my web site is quite a chore at present, because there are several groups of people that want different data withheld. I have the flags set, but have to search for the flags and do the required editing by hand for each one on a COPY of the Reunion file. I have been doing this for a while now so I have all the flags/edits listed, in amongst a 15 step procedure, on a cheat sheet for making the web card set.


      Originally posted by Linda Easthope View Post
      In the Web Project screen, I'm not sure how I would create a report containing only Unmarked people. Is it possible to invert the selection ... ?
      Yes -- if you have a group of marked entries, and you want to unmark those entries and mark everybody else, do the follow:

      1 -- Open the Advanced Find via Command+Option+F (or one of the other methods for opening it).

      2 -- Select the Unmarked preset in the list of Presets at left (be sure you're under the People tab) and click Find.

      3 -- At bottom-left of the results that open in the sidebar, click the Marking Shortcuts icon (the large green checkmark - note, not the smaller green checkmark a top-left of the list).

      4 -- In the menu that opens, choose the option to Unmark Everybody in Family File, then Mark Everybody in List.

      The result will be that the children you had marked will now be unmarked, while everyone else in the family file will be marked. You can then select to create a web project that includes just the marked people, thus excluding the children.

      Mark Harrison
      Leister Productions, Inc.


        Thank you, Blaise and Mark, for your responses. Both are helpful. Fortunately, I've only got two criteria to sort on, so the reverse marking strategy should work for now. Considering that this is the first time I've run into a problem that needed a post on the forum, in the many years that I've been using Reunion, I'm incredibly pleased with the software and happy to keep supporting whatever they/you are able to do. Really appreciate it. Thanks again!