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Who is considered private?

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    Who is considered private?


    When I look at the Help section for privacy I come across the following.

    Who Is Considered Private?
    Using the first group of buttons, you can designate a person as private if a person...
    has no death date and was born after a certain year
    has a flag checked (a private flag appears in new family files)
    is marked.

    My question is, do I need to have all three or does it work with only one of the three? It would be easy if I could just use 'was born after a certain year'.
    Thanks, Fiona

    Any ONE of those does the trick.

    The private flag sticks to the person's record and is active until you turn it off.

    The other two are used "on the fly" when creating reports, charts, etc. Once you finish the task at hand, they revert to their 'normal' status.
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      Thank you!