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pdf v jpg as multimedia attachments

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    pdf v jpg as multimedia attachments

    I have a pdf and a jpg of a burial record which I have attached as multimedia files. When I view them in Reunion I am able to enlarge, to better see, the pdf file but not the other other one where the display % option is not visible.
    Also, I have copies of certificates, census records etc already filed on my computer but not in R. If I attach them will this increase the amount being stored as my computer is running out or room?


    The majority of my documents (birth/marriage/death) certs. together with many thousands of copies taken from original parish registers are all in the .jpg format.

    If I find any item of use on the net I usually download them as .png as I find it easier to crop, delete un-wanted detail and annotate, then export into the .jpg.

    I understand that .jpg images degrade over a period of time, but this format doesn't take as much space as say png.

    As you already have these documents on your computer, I believe I'm right in saying, that linking them to the person in multimedia doesn't increase the storage

    required to any great extent as Reunion grabs them as thumbnails.

    If space is a problem, you could always back them up or store your records on separate SSD/hard drive.

    iMac 27" (late 2015) 2TB, 24GB Ram, (Catalina 10.15.6) iPad Pro 12.9" 256GB (Ios 13.7), iPhone 6S+ 128GB (Ios 13.7), Reunion 12,


      Thank you for your reply Alan. I must confess that I did check the manual after posting and found that they can be quickly opened in Preview and enlarged from there. I am having to start and look at ways of making viewing easier with failing eyesight.