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clicking on a name in the sidebar, or in the family view not working

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    clicking on a name in the sidebar, or in the family view not working

    I added descendants of a family and suddenly I am unable to access them. Their names in the side bar are greyed out. If I navigate to their name by going to the parents, I can see the child, but in the family view it is also greyed out so clicking on it does not bring up that name. I tried created a new "son" with the same name. The new "son" worked. Then I merged the two together and again I can't access. Clicking on the name does nothing and the name is greyed out?? Suggestions?

    It sounds like the record for that son has either become corrupt or there is a linking issue involving that son. In either case, you will need to send your family file to us. (Our engineers can use an internal tool to fix issues like you are seeing.)

    Information on how to send files to us can be found here...

    Be sure to include a note describing the problem with your email. Your note should also include the names of the problem son, his parents, as well as his spouse and descendants (if any).

    After sending the family file to us, please do not do any editing in it until you hear back from us. (Note: we are usually able to correct issues like you are seeing within one or two business days after receiving the file.)

    Also, as noted on the FAQ above, we do not share or publish any information found in files we receive from users. Any information seen is kept strictly confidential.

    I hope you find this information helpful

    Deb Stuller
    Leister Productions Inc.