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Adding and Saving Multimedia

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    Adding and Saving Multimedia

    Hi everyone,

    I'm a genealogist who is new to Reunion - I've primarily used RootsMagic in the past - but have been hired to make some updates to an elderly gentlemen's family tree, all of which he has saved in Reunion. He would like me to add a bunch of scanned photographs to the file. However, after reading through the manual and browsing the forum, I'm still unclear as to how to ensure that all the multimedia files I upload will remain linked when I transfer the file from my computer back to his. I'd like to avoid using Dropbox, as he has trouble with computers. Is there a way to "package" the completed tree so that the multimedia items are not lost in the transfer?

    Thank you!

    I don't know for sure, but at a guess you could try to create a folder and in that put all the multimedia and the Reunion family file. Then the path from Reunion family file to the images is as direct as it can be.

    Do a small sample and try it out.

    Roger Moffat


      Originally posted by hjb View Post
      Is there a way to "package" the completed tree so that the multimedia items are not lost in the transfer?
      What you can do is use:

      File -> Export -> Reunion Family File...

      And select the options:

      All people
      All sources
      All multimedia
      Copy Multimedia files to a new folder

      To create a folder containing a copy of the family file, along with a subfolder containing all of the linked multimedia. You can then transfer that entire folder to his Mac, putting the family file in:

      Documents/Reunion Files/

      (Or where ever he prefers to store it, that's just the default.)

      And the multimedia in:

      Pictures/Reunion Pictures/

      (Or where ever he prefers to store them.)

      Then, on his Mac, open the family file and go to:

      Reunion -> Preferences... , Multimedia

      And make sure the folder containing the multimedia is listed under Multimedia Search Folders (the Pictures folder should be listed by default, but if he puts them in another folder it will need to be added) and then click Repair Multimedia Links... to have Reunion automatically re-link the images in their new location.

      Mark Harrison
      Leister Productions, Inc.