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Family Group Sheet not sowing all of the events

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    Family Group Sheet not sowing all of the events

    I am trying to print a FGS with all of the events for a family. Several of the events do not print. I have gone to the report layout and created a new layout and checked all of the fields.

    But the fields that are missing are not shown in Person Fields so I can not check them. One of the fields is called Physical. It is shown on the person view when I show all of the events for the person.

    What am I missing?


    Is it possible the other fields could have been hiding at the bottom of the Person Fields listing? To check this, try scrolling down within the listing of fields. Or, try making the window larger by moving your cursor to the bottom edge of the window and dragging down.

    I hope this is helpful for you
    Deb Stuller
    Leister Productions Inc.


      Hi Roger,

      In addition to what Deb recommended, please go to:

      Reunion -> Preferences... , Fields, Usage

      And allow the usage list to build. Then, close the preferences window and go to back into Define Layouts... for the FGS and see if the missing fields now appear.

      Mark Harrison
      Leister Productions, Inc.


        Mark that did the trick. Thanks. I had never even seen that field usage