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New user totally lost trying to add picture

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    New user totally lost trying to add picture

    I purchased Reunion because I was very impressed by the Charts/Family Trees one can build using it. I started to use it and I got stuck right away.
    I want to add a wedding photo showing both the husband and the wife to a Family Tree. Based on the manual, there are 3 methods to put a picture in a box. None of them worked for me.

    Method 1. “Select a box (or boxes) in a chart and use the menu Object > Put Picture”.
    Question: Where do I find the menu Object?

    Method 2. “This menu also appears when Control-clicking a box in a chart (holding down the Control key and clicking a box”
    Question: see screenshot below. There is no Object > Put Picture in the drop down menu
    Screen Shot 2020-07-07 at 10.47.02 AM.png

    Method 3. Use the menu File > Place Picture
    Question: see screenshot below. There is no Place Picture under File

    Screen Shot 2020-07-07 at 10.48.22 AM.png
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    Everything is dynamic. The menu options only appear when they make sense.

    To use method 1, a chart must be open and in the foreground (selected). Then the menu bar across the top of the screen will read:
    Reunion / File / Edit / Tree / Object / Window / Help

    The Picture options in that menu will be greyed out until an object in the chart is selected. You can "select all" or select a box, and then the choice will be available to you.

    In method 2, right-clicking on a box in the chart brings up the menu as shown in the manual (that's the same as control-clicking). I don't know why you got the result you did but it's as if you clicked on the family page rather than the chart when the chart was still visible. Try it again and make sure the chart is selected before clicking.

    In method 3, the fact that the first choice is "New Family File" suggests that you don't have a chart open. If you open a chart and click on it so it's the active window, and then look at the menu, it should have the picture options.

    Dennis J. Cunniff
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      In addition to what Dennis noted, the options you're looking for are only available in charts created via Charts in the Navbar at left. Based on your screenshots it appears you're in the Tree View, which doesn't have those specific options.

      To add preferred pictures in the Tree View, you should click the Tree View Settings icon at bottom-left (looks like a gear) and then check Pictures under Box Contents...

      Note, though, that only the preferred pictures of the people will be shown in the Tree View. If you want to add an image that is not a preferred picture, you should create a chart (via Charts) and use the options you mentioned to add the image.

      Mark Harrison
      Leister Productions, Inc.