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Cannot clear clipboard

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    Cannot clear clipboard

    image_1371.pngimage_1372.png On my People list there are some names that when I click I get a message that they are in the clipboard if I want to bring them back, which I do not.
    When I go to the clipboard panel, it is empty. How can I remove these people from the clipboard? and from my peoples list?

    I have tried Rebuild Cache.
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    I've heard of this happening from time to time. But, at this point, I cannot say why it happens.

    In any case, I believe the following steps worked for the few others who have seen it:

    1. Click Yes when asked if you want to remove the person from the Clipboard and create a new record.
    2. A new record for that person should be created.
    3. Move that person to the clipboard.
    4. Open the Clipboard and delete the person.

    If this is not helpful in deleting the person, please send your family file to us. Our engineers can make use of some internal tools to take care of this for you. Information on how to send a family file to us can be found here...

    I hope this information is helpful
    Deb Stuller
    Leister Productions Inc.