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Large relative chart in pdf format

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    Large relative chart in pdf format

    I am looking for how to create a large relative chart in pdf format to share with family members that don’t have Reunion. The relative chart created when attempting to save as a graphic file gives me the error “The maximum graphic file dimensions are 455 x 455 inches”. Changing page setup doesn’t seem to help.
    Opening in preview does create a pdf file, however, when saved or exported, the result is ‘truncated’ upon reopening. What’s the best way to do this?

    There are several ways to reduce the size of large charts. To find a listing of all suggested methods, search the Reunion manual for "reduce chart size."

    Here are a few of those suggestions...

    1. Reduce the size of the text in the boxes by selecting all boxes. (I.e., choose Object > Select > All Boxes.) Then, select a different font size using the buttons in the Text section of the tool panel on the left.

    2. Change the orientation of the chart by choosing Tree > Orientation and selecting a different orientation in the window that opens. (The orientations available will change depending on the chart being opened.)

    3. Reduce the amount of vertical and/or horizontal spacing between boxes in the Tree > Space Between Boxes menu.

    I hope something mentioned here (or in the manual) is helpful for you
    Deb Stuller
    Leister Productions Inc.


      Thanks Deb...I’ll try these suggestions and take a look at the manual section that you mention.