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    Family History Report

    I have a family line (15 generations) on which I want to print a full report. I would like to do it in Word so that I can add/subtract/modify and maybe reformat a bit before saving as PDF and printing.
    I'm a novice at this and don't really understand if "Family History", "Book", or "Register" would be best choice.
    Any advice appreciated.
    Thanks, Junior

    Hi Junior,

    Given that you want to be able to edit the report in Word, I would recommend either the Family History report or the Register report. The Book can't be sent to Word from Reunion, it can only be saved as a PDF.

    Which of those two you prefer will be personal preference. I would recommend opening the manual (Help -> Contents) and read the entries for these two reports under Creating Reports. That will show you what the reports look like and give you more details on working with them.

    Mark Harrison
    Leister Productions, Inc.