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New user with a few preliminary questions...

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    New user with a few preliminary questions...

    Hi all,

    A handful of questions from a newbie. I am yet to input data and will not be importing GEDCOM data. This is very much a "jumping in cold water" scenario, but having said that, I understand reasonably well GEDCOM tagging and database structure. Previously, I uploaded hundreds or thousands of source-linked facts/evidence to a 162,000-record RootsMagic-powered database viewable to the public through TNG. A cousin of seven-generations removed runs it, and is honestly one of the best genealogists I've ever had the pleasure of working with. At this point, I need a database on my local hard-drive, and in spite Paul's almost flawless data-entry technique, I want my tree to be my own -- so, I'm starting from scratch.

    My preliminary questions are:

    * Is there a way to share customized source templates between other users?

    I plan to build a slew of these for commonly-used citations demonstrated in Evidence Explained, though prefer not to recreate the wheel if someone here already did this and is willing to share them (if this is even possible in the first place!).

    * I want to delete various templates and fields -- but realize I can't delete ALL the ones I want to innoculate. i.e. those ending with "LDS" can't be deleted.

    Why is this??

    * Is there a way to selectively exclude certain secondary/tertiary sources from exported GEDCOM files, report generation and so on?

    Love to year thoughts on how best to set this up. My assumption is that the "sensitivity" check-box would be used for multimedia and/or notes -- but what about entire sources that I don't want others to see?

    Here's a hypothetical example for how/why I want this utility: let's say I have ten secondary sources linked to a 1710 birth event, but then primary source evidence emerges some years later -- i.e. a church clerk's handwritten record of the event, and/or an original town record book, a newly-discovered diary, whatever. What I want to be able to do, is to have only the primary sources visible to others. Is there a way to pull this off without detaching the previously-linked secondary sources?

    Obviously, my desire runs into a hairy situation in cases where the same document can be a primary source for one occurrence, and a secondary source others. i.e. a death certificate or hand-written coroner's inquest could be a primary source for a death, but also reveal DOB for that person, and their parents, etc. In these cases, it would seem the entire source would have to be duplicated; one for just the primary-source (a standalone) -- the other for all the various secondary sources. To this end:

    * If a source with attached multimedia is duplicated, does the multimedia file itself duplicate as well?

    My rationale in selective removal of certain secondary sources, is to keep footnotes clean. Though I digress; I do appreciate the "tag" idea going on in the FamilySearch Family Tree, where attached sources stay in a "bin" associated with the record, from which a user might (or at least; COULD) choose perhaps to only tag the primary source(s) for each event revealed in the main profile view. If they did it this way, a future visitor could click on the footnote beside a specific event in that profile, at which point only the links to the primary sources (among the the ancestors "bin" of, say, dozens more sources), are revealed, with hyperlinks, to open those particular sources and see the images. This is smart -- I like!

    Thanks in advance for your time and thoughts on this! I'm delighted to be a new Reunion user and look forward to learning from you all.

    My best,

    Ryan in Michigan

    ps: the bullet-list button creates perfect bullets in the editor of this forum utility, but they vaporize after the post is submitted. The above ones are manually made w/ asterisk.
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