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How to change a parent relation

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    How to change a parent relation

    I have searched the forum, but didn't see what I needed.
    Without recreating a whole line of descendants, is there a way to change the father of a person? I have just found out that a son was a stepson and need to add the biological father and then move the son to the mother and biological father.

    There are lots of ways to do this. Here's one:

    Add the 2nd husband for the mother
    Switch to the 1st marriage (where the son currently is)
    Open the clipboard
    Drag the son from the "child area" of the card to the clipboard
    Switch to the 2nd marriage
    Drag the son from the clipboard to the "child area" of the card.

    You're done. The descendants of the son are still linked to him.

    Dennis J. Cunniff
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      I second Dennis’ advice.

      If you want to retain the 'stepson' relationship in the original relationship, you can still add the son to the second relationship:
      Add the 2nd husband to the mother
      Drag the son from the People sidebar into the child area

      Reunion will ask if you want to move the son or add him to the 2nd family. Choose your preferred option.

      If you add the son to the 2nd family, it means the son will have 2 sts of parents. If you secondary-click (ctrl-click or right-click) on the son there is a Parents submenu in which you can order the parents.
      There is also a 'Child Status' menu in which you can set the status of that child – specific to that family. In this way, you can identify the son as a Stepchild in the later relationship.

      This also does not affect the descendants of the son.
      Eric Van Beest
      Spring, TX

      Researching: Van Beest, Feijen, Van Herk