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Desertion/Abandonment by Spouse

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    Desertion/Abandonment by Spouse

    In 1848, my 3rd great aunt, her husband and young daughter immigrated from Norway to rural Wisconsin. In 1850, another daughter was born to this couple. Shortly thereafter, the husband left home, supposedly to visit with his brother in a larger city to the east. He was never heard from again. Under notes for this person, I have added the documentation for this occurrence, words that I sourced from a local church history. Either the husband met with an untimely end, or he purposely deserted the family. Family lore indicates the latter. Is it possible to indicate abandonment/desertion under the Status of the Marriage? Thank you.

    I have a 4G Aunt who deserted her husband, or so it was recorded on his death certificate "married, but wife not present for 10 years" - and she later popped up in another city. And I have several instances of widows whose husbands, missing presumed drowned at sea, needed to be declared legally dead before their widows could re-marry.

    There are two ways I can think of how to do this:
    * Instead of using "Divorce" as the means of separating the couple, use "Separation" and note in the memo field why this occurred like this. Perhaps most useful if this occurs once. The story can be added to the Notes section of the relationship.
    * If, on the other hand, one partner deserted the other, and the latter obtained actual Divorce on a later date, you can also enter a new Event type within the relationship under "Events". When you add a new event, in the New Event window there is a button to add a new type of event: in this case "Desertion" or "Husband deserted". I'm not sure how you would phrase this in the narrative form though. This method would be useful if you have substantive facts to back up the narrative.
    Eric Van Beest
    Spring, TX

    Researching: Van Beest, Feijen, Van Herk