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Reunion 12, build 200127 won't write reports to Pages

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    Reunion 12, build 200127 won't write reports to Pages

    I am running what I think is the latest version of Reunion, Reunion 12, build 200127. Yesterday I tried to make a report using the Report item on the left sidebar. I selected the "Destination" as Pages. When I clicked the blue button that said "Open with Pages" a progress bar briefly appeared at the top of the window and then went away. Pages was never auto-opened and there was no Pages document. I was able to make the report by saving to a text file. I am running Mac OS Mojave 10.14.6 on an iMac I got last summer. Pages works fine for doing word-processing things. I am able to open the text file created by Reunion with either the text editing program or with Pages.

    Hi John,

    It sounds like Reunion may not be pointing to the right copy of the Pages application, or there's some other issue with that setting.

    Please open your family file and go to:

    Reunion -> Preferences... , Reports, Word Processor

    And select Other... from the drop-down found there, then locate and select your current version of Pages.

    Close the preferences, then try sending a report to Pages again -- let us know if it still doesn't work.

    Mark Harrison
    Leister Productions, Inc.


      Hi Mark,

      Thanks very much for your reply. Sorry that it's taken me nearly 10 days to follow your recommendation and to write this. I did as you recommended and it worked. I just made a report, selecting "Pages" as the destination and in addition to making the .rtf File in the "reports" folder, it auto-opened pages with the selected descendant report. I had been to that part of the preferences menu before and seen that "pages" was selected. The key thing was that you pointed out that I should select "Other" and then get the "other" version of "Pages". The menu item does not show what version of pages is selected. But it did show another version of pages with a different icon. So I just selected the one with the "better looking" (long story) icon, figuring that the current choice wasn't working so this one looked different so perhaps it would work. And it did.

      I guess what happened is that in the process of getting a new iMac last summer and then using my Time Machine backups to transfer my old files over to the new iMac, and then upgrading to this new version of Reunion, Reunion kept the old link to the old version of pages, which of course didn't exist on this new machine.

      Anyway, thanks again. :-)

      jr bayle