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    Cause of Death

    Can I create a report for Cause of Death? How do I get this fact/event to print in my reports?

    Yes you can create a report for Cause of Death specifically (as opposed to adding it to an existing report).
    Go into the Report View and select Ancestor on the left. The details of an Ancestor report will appear on the right. Set this up as you require, but the important bit is to use the Layout drop down menu near the bottom. Click this and select Define Layouts. On the left hand column you will probably just have the Default layout, so you can add a new layout by clicking the 'Add Layout' button below. You need to name this new layout, so you might call it Cause of Death. Now click on the various Settings fields in the middle column, and for each one make sure the information in the Person Fields on its right is what you want. In particular make sure that Cause of Death is ticked for the Person Field. After setting all the tick marks, click Save and you will have your required report format.
    An alternative is simply to make sure that Cause of Death is ticked for the Default Layout, but this gives a very large report.
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