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Highlighted names in family view

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    Highlighted names in family view

    When looking at the reunion family view, often, but not always, one line of folks is shown in darker type. In my chart, this is not my line...often my sister's family, sometimes my middle brother's line. Yes they are the ones with children...the other brother and I have none. Is that why those names appear in darker type? Or why else are theirs highlighted. Its my chart after all...not theirs...I'm the 'root person' for the file. Anyone know what the dark type signifies? Thanks.

    Yes - names in a darker font colour indicate that either those children have children, or those parents have parents. Have a look at the Family View Preferences. And you can look in Help ------> Contents, do a search for Family View Preferences and look at the first few results there to understand what all the settings mean.

    Roger Moffat