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    links (hrefs) in notes

    I'm a little baffled by the explanation in the Manual.

    I want to make a link out of some text in a Note, lets say, "John Smith". But selecting and then cntl clicking John Smith doesn't bring up any option to make it a link.

    I am able to make a link that looks like because control clicking a url pasted into a Note does bring up the Make Link option.

    Making John Smith a link does seem be possible in a Note because the following section about editing the destination shows an example of just such a link.

    Gilbert - Fulcher - Hackney - Harvey - Holmes - Hall
    in Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, and beyond.

    I must admit I did have to read the help file because it is not straightforward. Making such linksonly works in the Person or Family Notes fields; it does not works on Places Note fields.

    If you want to make a link called 'John Smith' with the address , proceed as follows:
    * from Safari (or your browser of choice), go to the Location bar and copy the web page address (URL)
    * in the Notes field in Reunion, simply paste the URL
    * select the URL text you just pasted, right click on this and choose 'Make Link'
    * now, move the cursor using the forward and backwards arrow kets (clicking anywhere on the link opens it) somewhere in the middle of this link and type "John Smith"
    * then, using the forward and backwards delete keys, and the forward and backwards arrow to move around, delete all the text you don't need

    Note that if there is no text in the Note box before the link, moving the cursor to the beginning of the text does not take it out of the 'link text'. You'll have to unlink this text. Positioning the cursor at the end of the link always takes it out of the link text.

    I would argue, though, that if you are using information from the page, you should treat it as a 'Web Page' source instead.
    Eric Van Beest
    Spring, TX

    Researching: Van Beest, Feijen, Van Herk