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Male and Female Descendant Lines

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    Male and Female Descendant Lines

    I really appreciate the option, within Color Tags, to easily determine the male and female descendant lines of a given person. It helps me designate which relatives I might want to ask to take an mtDNA or Y-DNA test for me.

    My question is: am I overlooking something, or is Color Tags the only way to find this information? If I go to "Find," or "Mark," I can't see a way to recreate this same search. I ask, because I would prefer to Flag these lines, rather than use Color Tags for them.


    The only way I can see how to find the male or female descendants is to use the color tags. However, with these in place you can Find all people with this color tag and Mark them. Or, with these people Marked, Change > Set Flags to flag these people. And once done simply deactivate the color tag.

    With a de-activated color tag, you can always activate it again later, or re-use it for a similar purpose with a different source person.
    Eric Van Beest
    Spring, TX

    Researching: Van Beest, Feijen, Van Herk


      Great suggestion, Eric! Thanks so much. That will achieve exactly what I want!