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    Reunion & sync services

    I use Reunion on both a desktop and laptop and wish to sync these using "Sync"[1] a Dropbox type service.

    There are no apparent problems with other files however, in my sources I have various copies of Wills some of which run to serveral pages. At present I log these into the sources panel Sources Panel.png

    The referenced jpegs are in the same relative place on both the Desktop and laptop - the only change is the user name but thefiles are eg ~/sync/family wills/Richard Younger 1 AND ~/sync/family wills/Richard Younger 2 and so on.

    When I open the Reunion file on the laptop after allowing adequate time for the sync to complete, only the first of the several files appears in the source panel. In other cases there may be two files but others are missing.

    I don't know whether this is a limitation with Sync or something to do with a combination of Sync and the file structure of Reunion.

    Has anyone else ecountered this sort of behaviour and are there any solutions?