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Family files disappeared with update?

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    Family files disappeared with update?

    Hi, I updated to Reunion 12 a few months ago. I had three separate family files, one for my ancestors, one for my brother-in-law and one for a friend, Since updating I have only used my own family file. Today for the first time since the update I went to add something to one of the other family files and can't find either of them. Did they disappear in the update or am I mis-remembering how to do it?? I used to go to 'File' then 'Open Recent'. I tried 'File' then 'Open' and I can't see them there either.

    I still have Reunion 11 in my applications so could I find them there? I don't want to lose my own files.

    When I look in Dropbox they are all three there. What should I do now?


      Originally posted by Achra View Post
      When I look in Dropbox they are all three there.
      The reason you're not seeing the files when you go to:

      File -> Open...

      Is because, by default, the window that comes up is going to show the contents of the folder:

      Documents/Reunion Files/

      Probably the best solution here is to tell Reunion to display your Dropbox folder instead. To do that, go into Dropbox and double-click on one of the family files to open it. Then go to:

      Reunion -> Preferences... , Folders, Family Files

      And click "Choose other folder...", then select your Dropbox folder in the window that drops-down.

      Mark Harrison
      Leister Productions, Inc.


        Thank you, Mark. When I double clicked the 'missing' family files, I got a message that asked me to convert them (I guess from Reunion 11 to 12?), no other option, so I did that with both missing trees and now they are there where they used to be, in the 'File', 'Open Recent'. So I didn't do all you said but I have access to them again.