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    Hide Page Breaks by Default?

    Is there a way to Hide Page Breaks by Default?

    I generate charts constantly, when Tree View will not suffice. And I literally NEVER want to see Page Breaks since I almost never print to paper. But the page breaks make it very difficult to see the lines of the chart. That means I'm constantly having to turn them off.

    Having the option to show page breaks is a great feature. Whether it should be on by default, is questionable. I say no. But regardless, I should have the option to choose that I want them off by default.

    If the feature exists and I can't find it, please educate me.

    Otherwise, please convert this to a feature request.

    Dave Kitabjian

    To my knowledge there is no feature that will permanently turn off page box lines. Perhaps someone should add this to the wish list.

    But I have solved this “problem” in perhaps a unique way. Since nearly all modern printers have the ability to create custom page formats, I made a series of oversized “pages” as printer formats that Reunion can see and use.

    Standard architectural sizes include:
    B = 12 x 18 (some oversized desktop printers can make printouts this large)
    C = 18 x 24
    D = 24 x 36
    E = 36 x 48
    X = 200 x 200 (Max for converting to PDF files)
    Of course you can also make oddball sizes and shapes to suit your needs.

    Now, If a chart exceeds the standard, or legal, page size, a simple page format call to the printer will allow for MUCH larger charts without page lines in the way. And if your chart exceeds the largest size there will be far fewer pages to deal with. This makes charting in Reunion a very pleasant process indeed.