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    Maiden Name/Surname

    I have noticed that in some of my family cards the wife’s name appears with her maiden surname name separated with a slash, then her married name and in others only the maiden name shows. Why is this not consistent? Is it as a result of the original data entry – for example whether the person is inserted as +spouse linking to husband or +mother linking from a child?
    Pat Fearnley Sydney AUS

    Hi Patricia,

    If you look at the Last Name fields for these entries, do you see the same thing in that field as you're seeing in the Family View?

    If so, then what you're seeing is a result of what was entered into that field when adding these people. It's not a result of how the entries were added (Add Parent v. Add Spouse), it's simply what was typed into the Last Name field by whoever entered the data for that person.

    Reunion only auto-fills the Last Name field when adding a father or a child (if a father is present in the file, if there's only a mother it's not auto-filled), when adding a spouse or a mother the Last Name field is empty by default.

    Mark Harrison
    Leister Productions, Inc.