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    RTL localization and charts

    I need to make a chart in Hebrew, and I'm trying to figure out how I can do that using Reunion. I found this page on localization:

    but before I dive into that I wanted to know if Reunion would support an RTL language, or if that wouldn't be possible.

    Also, would it be possible to just localize the text used in charts to begin with because I have a time crunch on this.

    I'm open to doing an entire localization into Hebrew if it's possible, but that will take longer to get right. I've actually created a list of genealogy terms in Hebrew already ( which wasn't so easy as some terms are not as set as in English (how to say once-removed and the like is not set at all for example).



    Which file determines the text (like b. m. d. etc.) that goes into different charts?


      So I've started to play with it and modified the DefaultFields.rtf file. I just change the birth, death and marriage terms, and I used Localization Switcher to launch using Hebrew. Here's what I noticed:

      - My existing family tree file wasn't affected at all. It still showed the English terms.
      - I created a new family file and it showed the Hebrew terms.
      - I can't enter dates using a Hebrew keyboard. Even if I type a standard date string like 8-20-2001 it doesn't understand it. If I switch to an English keyboard I can enter dates.
      - Dates in any case display in English and in the wrong order. How do I determine the layout of dates? Right now it shows the day number, the year number and then the month text. How do I change the order, and how do I specify Hebrew abbreviations for the months?
      - I generated a Descendant chart and it actually looks pretty good. The text actually runs in the correct direction, except for the date. The only real layout problem is that while the text goes from RTL the text is aligned left. Is there a way to get the text to align right? Where are the chart layouts defined?
      - Is there a guide to the DefaultFields.rtf file? For example, I understand the b is birth and bp is birth place, but what is bm?
      - Something really weird happened when I tried to drag a photo from my existing tree to the new tree. When I did so, instead of inserting the image I was shown a random family from the old tree, in the new tree. When I moved to another view they disappeared. I'm attaching a screenshot which shows the people from the old tree in the main view, but you can see the only people in the tree listed on the right are not the same:

      Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at 12.28.41 PM.jpg

      Just kind of bizarre. Not sure if this is related to my messing around with Hebrew or not. Anyone try dragging a photo from one tree to another before?
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        I've made a sample family file to show what things look like.

        The only changes I made to the string file are:


        The family view for my sample file looks like:


        and the descendant chart looks like:

        You don't need to be able to read it to see that the text in the chart is left-aligned instead of right-align, nor to see that the date is messed up.


          The DefaultFields.rtf file is only applied when a new family file is created. Once the family file has been created in English, the field names can be changed to Hebrew in the Field Preferences window.

          Localization of the dates is a much more complex issue and the relationships (to be localized correctly) is also a rather time consuming and meticulous process.

          If the main issue in your chart example is the text alignment - you can select all of the boxes in the chart and right align the text. However, we have not tested Reunion in languages that are Right-to-Left so I really can't make any promises especially in box charts.

          Another thing to consider with the dates is do you simply want to convert Jan, Feb, Mar to Hebrew or do you want to display the dates using the Hebrew calendar.

          Since it sounds like you only want to do one chart in Hebrew, I think the most efficient method would be edit the dates in the chart editor. Creating a Hebrew localization would be far too time consuming.
          Gregg Witmer
          Leister Productions, Inc.


            Thanks Gregg. So the right-alignment in the chart editor worked great:

            Is there any way to get the names to show up in bold other than editing each directly?

            It would be great, not only for this, but whenever making charts, if there was a way to create custom templates to use. Specify the layout, the size of the images, the font to use, the size and style for each element, the alignment, the colors, etc. I know you can create templates that specify which elements to include, but adding these other options would also be nice. As an aside, is there a way to split couples into their own boxes when generating a chart instead of having them share a box?

            For this project, however, there will be quite a few people in the tree so if there's a way to get the dates correct, I would rather figure it out. For example, for the other localizations, are there different month abbreviations used for the months? i.e. Okt instead of Oct in German, or Mai instead of May in French? If so how were those specified? Or, even easier, is there a way to change the date to display using numbers only? Preferably in the European format 31-12-2019?


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              I see that I can select Line 1 Only and select Bold and let's say a larger font size. That works great for changing the names at the top of the boxes, but not their spouses. To change the spouse name I can select the text, and then make it bold, but I've lost the editing tools that let me change the size. I seem only to be able to change the style and the color of the text. Are there keyboard shortcuts for increasing/decreasing font size? Of course, this would still be a lot of work if you have lots of spouses.

              As a request, it would be nice if the charts had a kind of style sheet, where each element had an associated style that you could change and apply to the whole chart. So if you wanted to make all the names 14 point bold, or you wanted to make all surnames uppercase, etc. you could do that easily and apply it to the whole chart (and save those styles for other charts).


                Is there a way to change the size of spouses' names in the descendant chart?