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    Thank you thank you!

    I'm finding so much to like with the Reunion 12 release! This version acknowledges that our Macs have grown and have more resources to devote to an application's work. I'm THRILLED to be able to see the entire structure of a source all at once, instead of working through four tabbed windows. I hope you can begin to explore other areas where the paradigm of tabs could be done away with. (Maybe the marriage/children/notes/events window, as one example.)

    The implementation of color tags is brilliant, and flexible all at once. I foresee using that a lot.

    What I like best is that people who need time to adjust to interface changes won't find this version strange and weird -- it looks a lot like Reunion 11 when I open it, except for having to click the box to restore depth shading to boxes. (Flat look = clean? No, thank you.)

    Thank you for all your hard work, and especially for listening to your users!
    Matt McCaffrey

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    Re: Thank you thank you!

    I too, thank you very much for the time and effort given to Reunion 12. Have spent many pleasurable hours experimenting with the new features available.