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What's the best way to rebuild my file?

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    What's the best way to rebuild my file?

    This is a long story, but I don't know how to explain it otherwise. Sorry.

    I had Reunion 9 several years ago--my last updated file was Nov. 2011. But then I switched to Roots Magic run with Crossover Mac because I wanted to be able to sync with FamilySearch and RootsMagic was the only certified FamilySearch software at the time (and I had big discount on the price.) RootsMagic did sync wonderfully well with FamilySearch but the whole program was painful to use after Reunion, and it never ran that well on my Mac even with Crossover, the program crashed all the time. So then, last summer my computer died with hardware and software issues, and although I had backed it all up with Time Machine, the Time Machine files were corrupted as well. I did check to see if my several folders of family history jpegs, documents, etc. were there, but I just perused it briefly, not checking all 100+ files specifically, and it looked good. I did notice that RootsMagic itself had disappeared, but I wasn't worried about that because I had my code and I could download it from the internet anytime.

    Several months later I did, and went to open my RootsMagic file only to find that ALL my RootsMagic files had been eaten by some computer zombie. I have no idea why really, except that I think it may be because it was the only non-native program, as no other program/files had been affected. Not only that, but I needed to buy a new version of Crossover to run RootsMagic. So instead of maybe facing a problem like that again, I decided to go back to Reunion (upgrade was the same cost as Crossover) and just wishfully hope that someday Reunion becomes FamilySearch certified.

    But now I have my old 2011 family file that is definitely not complete, and I'm not even sure how correct it was in sourcing as I've learned a lot about sourcing since then. And I have a file from FamilySearch that I downloaded using RootsMagic and a trial version of Crossover, however the program crashed in the process, and I know it's not complete either. Then, I bought Insight, thinking that it worked with Reunion--it doesn't, not really--and I have a file from FamilySearch from that with corrupted sources (due to Insight and Reunion not liking each other). Luckily all my stuff was on FamilySearch, and I have paper/digital copies of original sources as well. Also it's not a large file only about 240 people or so.

    SO here's the real question, do I start from scratch a new file and just compare to the other files? Do I try to check and then correct sources and people from my 2011 file? I need to connect the digital photos of the vital records to each person anyway, now that I can do that again (wonderful Reunion!) Do I try to merge all the files and then go through each source individually? I'm extremely frustrated as I'm already spent hours and hours and hours trying to clean up the mess made of my photos/videos, etc from my computer crashing and Time Machine files being corrupted and I still have more to fix from that, and now I have this to fix as well. ARGH!

    I'm leaning toward starting a new file, just so I'm sure things are right on it, and comparing it to the other files and FamilySearch. It's just so time consuming--I have five kids, 14 and under, it's not like I have oodles of time to spare. Any suggestions or ideas?

    Re: What's the best way to rebuild my file?

    I'm not in your situation as to time available, but I do think you'd be best to start again, as do you, I gather. Take comfort from these things: it won't take as long this time as it did before, because now you know so much better what you're doing; take it gently - there's no deadline to meet; and it will be better than ever.


      Re: What's the best way to rebuild my file?

      Hi Kami, Welcome back to Reunion!

      I, too, think it would be best to start with a new file, especially with just 240 some people. You have all the info needed to do it quickly. If you only do 10 people a day, you'd be done in less than a month...5/day would take about a month & a half.

      I would hate to have to do it with my over 10,000 people! That's why I back up to Time Machine AND a cloud backup service (Backblaze-$5/month). I also back up the family files, using the Reunion backup, monthly, to another external drive.

      Good luck. Let us know how it goes!
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        Re: What's the best way to rebuild my file?

        You poor thing! It all sounds awful. I too think it you should start afresh - that way you'll be confident of the end product.

        Good luck,


          Re: What's the best way to rebuild my file?

          I concur. Start from scratch. A couple of years ago I started with Reunion after struggling with another software program for a few years. I had about 1000 peeps in my file. Because of the way the other program saved events I chose to start from scratch rather than importing a less than perfect quick fix. It took me a few months BUT it was well worth it.
          Good luck.